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Types of Construction Injury

Construction has one of the highest accident rates of any industry in the UK. Due to the range of potential risks on a construction site, construction injuries range from minor cuts and scrapes to much more serious injuries which cause significant pain and suffering, and require time off work to recover. While all roles carry different risks, carpenters and joiners tend to have the highest number of non-fatal construction accidents.

Construction injury risks

Construction injury risks can mean anything from hazardous unstable materials and dangerous equipment, to working the body too hard which can lead to permanent illness. Construction injuries can affect any part of the body.

Construction injuries can be caused by a number of things including heavy or repetitive lifting, tools or materials falling from above, or a lack of safety barriers and signs.

In each of these cases, employers should be trained and protective clothing and equipment should be provided where necessary to prevent these construction injuries.

Suffering a construction injury can sometimes be due to faulty equipment. It is the responsibility of the employer to properly test equipment before use to make sure it is safe. If they have failed to test the safety of their equipment regularly, even if the fault was down to the manufacturer of the equipment, the employer is still responsible.

Some of the most common construction injuries include:

  • Knee or ankle injuries caused by a fall - according to the Health and Safety Executive, 25% of non-fatal accidents in construction involve slips and trips
  • Head or upper body injuries caused by tools or materials falling from above
  • Hand or arm injuries such as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) caused by working with vibrating machinery or tools
  • Injuries caused by being struck by a vehicle

A less obvious risk of working in construction is exposure to a harmful substance, such as asbestos, which could lead to potentially deadly problems such as asbestosis or mesothelioma later in life.

Making a construction injury claim

If an employee has suffered an injury which could have been prevented with proper health and safety procedures, they may be eligible to claim work accident compensation. If you've suffered a serious construction injury which was someone else's fault, call us today or start your claim online now.

Preventing Construction Accidents

There are many potential risks on a building or construction site and every employer therefore knows that extra care must be taken in preventing construction accidents.


Possible Compensation

Head Injuries
Minor head injury
£1450 - £8400
Arm Injuries
Simple fractures/breaks of forearm
£4350 - £12600
Serious fractures/breaks of forearm(s)
£12600 - £86000
Vibration White Finger/Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
£2000 - £25250
Simple wrist fracture/soft tissue injury
£2300 - £6750

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  • Minor Head Injuries £1450 - £8400
  • Whiplash (moderate) £5150 - £16400
  • Hip or Pelvis Injuries £2600 - £86000
  • Serious foot injuries £16400 - £25750
  • Simple arm fractures £4350 - £12600
  • Upper body injuries £2200 - £111000

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